Signage Requirements

Signage Requirements

Businesses must post signs in English and Spanish to educate customers about the carryout bag ordinance. The signs must explain that:

  1. Under City Code, businesses can no longer offer single-use carryout bags.
  2. Bag options are available for carrying out purchased items.

Businesses are responsible for printing their own interior and exterior signs. Sample signage templates and language are available.

Interior/Point-of-Sale SignsDownload the Hardship Alternative Compliance, or Emergency Access Form

Signs must be located within six feet of each point of sale. There are no specific size requirements for interior signs, but the text must be in both English and Spanish.

The ordinance provides sample language (note that this exact language is not required, as long as the signage meets the requirements above):

Under City Code, 15-6 Article 7, businesses may only offer reusable carryout bags, including:

    • Plastic bag, 4 mil in thickness or greater, with handles.
    • Paper bag, made of at least 40% recycled content, with handles.
    • Purchase another type of reusable bag from the business.
    • Customers may also bring their own bags from home.

Según el Código Municipal, 15-6 Artículo 7, los negocios solo pueden ofrecer bolsas reutilizables, incluyendo:

    • Bolsas de plástico, 4 mil en grueso o más, con agarraderas.
    • Bolsas de papel, de 40% contenido reciclado, con agarraderas.
    • Compre otro tipo de bolsa reutilizable de la tienda.
    • Los clientes pueden traer sus propias bolsas de la casa.

Exterior/Parking Lot Signs

Exterior signs must be at least 11 inches x 17 inches and readable by walking customers.

The exterior signs must include language, in English and Spanish, which reminds customers to bring reusable bags. Sample language from the ordinance:

Don’t forget your reusable bag!
¡No olvides tu bolsa reutilizable!

Tips for printing exterior signs:

  • Make sure the vendor uses UV inks. These will be longer lasting outdoors and less prone to fade in the sun.
  • Round corner the signs. If they fall, or people run into the corners, they are less likely to cause injury.
  • Determine how the signs will be installed and measure properly for drill holes. Be precise in providing those measurements to your vendor to make sure the drill holes will not interfere with type or graphics.
  • Make one prototype sign initially and do a test installation in order to flag potential issues.

Your vendor can recommend a material that will be durable for outdoor installations. Die bond is a good option. Coroplast is a less expensive material for outdoor signs. Sintra or styrene are other outdoor options, but those materials can crack over time in the hot sun.